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What to Consider during a Merger and Acquisition

2020. What else do we have to say.

No one has gone unscathed by the impacts of COVID-19: From Social distancing, to government-mandated mask wearing, not to mention the devastating blows to the world economy. Businesses, big and small, are faced with making strategic, but nonetheless difficult, decisions to keep afloat during this period of decreased consumer spending.

According to Dealogic, the value of Merger and Acquisition activity during the first quarter of 2020 was down 35% globally and 39% in the US, when compared to activity in 2019 (Klebnikov, 2020). This indicates that the M&A pipeline is slowing. However, COVID-19 presents opportunities for companies with an influx of capital. Rescue deals, divestitures, and reorganization will likely dominate M&A activity for the remainder of this year as companies struggle with the negative impacts of the novel Coronavirus.

Is your company undergoing a M&A? Collective Insights is a trusted advisor to help you navigate this unprecedented time to ensure a smooth and seamless integration. Check out some key elements to consider upfront:

Implementing a Successful Integration:

Employees are the heart of every organization. Your first priority to ensure a successful integration is directly related to assimilating your people and culture.  Communication is key and relaying information about employees’ roles and the future of the organization accurately and often builds a sense of trust among your workforce. From providing a strategic direction, to implementing tactical approaches, Collective Insights has the expertise to drive a successful execution and help navigate your people in the right direction. Learn more about our Organizational Change Management Service Offering here.

Rationalizing Processes, Technology, and Information:

In the event of a merger, technology executives are challenged to integrate fragmented, disparate technology ecosystems. IT in each organization may include data centers, mixed hardware environments, and overlapping systems and applications. Collective Insights has the tools to provide innovative solutions and help rationalize your technology into one.

Managing the Integration Process 

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures often fail due to weak execution. Each part of the process must be carefully orchestrated to align with company objectives. Collective Insights takes a comprehensive and holistic approach by conducting discovery assessments, performing analyses, and defining future state impacts. We ensure a smooth turnover and deployment of the integrated business.

Collective Insights is Your Partner for Mergers and Acquisitions: 

We understand that Mergers and Acquisitions are not easy, especially in the world where we are currently living. These are just a few elements to consider when undergoing any kind of M&A activity. Collective Insights has the resources, skills, and expertise to guide your organization through these unique challenges and ensure successful integration. Learn more at