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Collective Insights is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner with extensive capabilities in Security, Modern Work, Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation and Data & AI, including specializations in Identity and Access Management and Threat Protection.

We build the business case, create the plan and then drive our clients’ modernization of legacy, on-premises, and siloed technology.

We implement Microsoft solutions like Defender, Entra, and Purview to secure Microsoft 365 and Azure to keep our customers safe while increasing productivity in the modern work environment.


Over 500,000+ Microsoft 365 E5 licenses deployed for enterprise customers across Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Automotive, Media & Entertainment.

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“Microsoft has always been a leader in infrastructure, collaboration, and productivity solutions. Today, they are one of the most innovative and progressive technology providers in the world. We have been impressed by their capabilities and the vision that they have for the future of cloud, collaboration, and security. Collective Insights is proud to be a Microsoft Partner as we continue to bring secure, digital transformation to our mutual customers around the globe.”

Seth Ryan, Partner

Success Stories

Driving Adoption of Azure Active Directory for a Global Financial Services Organization

Challenge: A Fortune 500 US-Based Financial Services Company with over 35,000 employees needed to move to a common identity system to improve overall security and simplify the user experience.

Solution: After design reviews, technical solution guidance and verification for a long-term security and identity strategy, we led the improvement of the Azure Active Directory tenant based on CIS benchmarks and drove the consolidation of disparate identity platforms.

Results: The effort enabled the customer to progress their overall security footprint, reduce cost and realize time savings, and improve the overall user experience through a unified platform.

Deploying Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Threat Protection at a Global Manufacturing Company

Challenge: A Global Fortune 200 Corrugated Packaging Company with more than 25,000 employees suffered from a variety of non-integrated security solutions that did not prevent intrusion into their environment.

Solution: With legacy vendor contracts ending, the customer decided to implement the M365 E5 suite to leverage the advanced security capabilities to improve security posture. Collective Insights supported multiple pilots and the deployment of Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, and Defender for Office.

Results: With an integrated solution, the customer can address security issues proactively with real-time visibility against attacks. In addition, leveraging the M365 E5 licensing reduced the client’s overall security product cost by replacing multiple disparate solutions and contracts.

Modernizing Identity and Access Management with a Global Pharmaceutical Enterprise

Challenge: In order to remediate security gaps, a Global 250 Pharmaceutical enterprise with over 100,000 employees embarked on a journey to improve its overall security capability to include leveraging more cloud capabilities and enabling modern workplace capabilities. The desired outcome also included enhanced monitoring and alerting and a reduction of their data center footprint and physical server dependency.

Solution: Collective Insights was engaged to take a two-phased approach to design a modernized security application ecosystem. Our team conducted a complete assessment of current processes and systems to qualify system criticality and priority based on its functions.

Results: We modernized the client’s security application platform by leveraging an all-cloud Identity and Access Management platform that offered a wide variety of services to address its security audit gaps and reduced operating, licensing, and maintenance overhead. In addition, our design incorporated virtual servers to replace their physical servers, a reduction of 50%.

Proven “S.A.F.E.” Framework Incrementally Drives Security Posture Gain, User Experience Improvement and Operational Efficiency

Our approach helps clients realize the value of a M365 E5 investment for their short- and long-term objectives.

  • Assess: Confirm the security direction and immediate needs, understand existing challenges, and plan the effort
  • Design: Establish a “Crawl, Walk, Run” roadmap and technical design that trains internal staff on how to operate the new capabilities as they are introduced
  • Implement: Execute the roadmap in an iterative manner to drive incremental security gain
  • Improve: Transition the new capabilities to internal operations while monitoring the environment for improvement opportunities

Collective Insights has built the S.A.F.E. E5 Methodology: “Start Anywhere… Finish with Everything E5.”

Specialization & Certifications

Identity & Access Management and Threat Protection

Microsoft Azure Security Deployment Partner of the Year – Finalist Award

Recognized as a Finalist for the 20/20 Azure Security
Deployment Partner of the Year

Read the official release here

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