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The Energy Sector: Taking Our Clients Further

The energy sector is facing rapid change and growth. With the decentralization of energy, electric cooperatives (co-ops) are becoming essential to providing
consumers with options for diverse and renewable energy sources – particularly in isolated or rural areas, as well as competitive pricing and access to a local and more secure energy supply.

To ensure that co-ops can continue to meet their resource needs in the
future, it’s essential that they remain agile and able to identify and respond
to customer needs – since customers are also members.


We knew it was essential that their people and processes were aligned internally first in order to successfully anticipate customer / member demands and remain
proactive in the industry. Yet, when we began our assessment, we found an aging workforce and outdated job descriptions that could make succession planning challenging. Many of the daily HR processes were paper-based, inefficient and required a significant amount of time. The company wanted to review the current organizational structure to ensure they were able to meet their future projects and goals.

Solutions & Approach

We began our assessment of the department by reviewing the current processes and technology and recommending ways to modernize both. We used a four-phased approach: data review, interview planning and execution, analysis and findings, and presenting recommendations.

In addition, we suggested a new organizational structure to better accommodate current and future business needs and key metrics to measure staff performance – along with suggestions on how to grow and develop existing staff.

Results & Lessons Learned

Success starts with partnership and trust. When we first came onsite, our client was upfront and honest when we asked for their feedback on how to improve
performance and processes. They knew something needed to change – they just needed help to make it happen. And today, the administrative services department
has a plan in place to modernize their technology systems starting in 2021 and has a plan to review performance management processes.

At Collective Insights, we’re committed to delivering lasting value to our clients. Our approach is comprehensive and customized and we provide more than just a roadmap – we help you get there.


Our client is an electric and natural gas utility who serves more than 90,000 customers. They asked us to assess their human resources department and provide actionable recommendations on staff alignment and size and process improvements that would improve day-today operations.


Our four-phased approach consisted of the following:

• Phase 1: We kicked-off the project with stakeholders and reviewed existing documentation such as job descriptions, organizational charts
and employee handbooks and set up regular status meetings.
• Phase 2: We created interview guides, scheduled interviews and conducted both executive-level interviews and staff interviews. For each interview, detailed notes were gathered.
• Phase 3: The team analyzed the collected data and drafted our initial findings and recommendations.
• Phase 4: We presented our recommendations and worked with the executive leadership team to prioritize actions.

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