Utilizing Multiple Technical Resources for Optimal Results

Seth Ryan
September 8, 2021
September 8, 2021
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Utilizing Multiple Technical Resources for Optimal Results

At Collective Insights, we pride ourselves on providing intelligent and timely solutions to our clients. While we have traditionally operated in the Technical and Change Management space, our solution center now has new technical capabilities. The team members that work in this center specialize in a variety of disciplines and provide technical expertise from an analytical point of view. Establishing a close integration with our partners and clients allows our technical resources to have a thorough understanding of the utilized products.

By offering clients our combined interdisciplinary experience, we can effectively leverage mixed resources on a technical project effort.

Connecting Our Consulting Services and Solution Center

Collective Insights encourages and fosters the development of skillsets in both our consultants and technical resources. Having well-rounded individuals, who have capabilities beyond their primary focus area, allows for a higher-quality product overall and fosters an environment of learning and self-improvement that directly impacts our project execution. It also enables us to quickly assemble a well-rounded project team that can leverage combined resources to play to our combined strengths. This allows our team members to divide and conquer where needed while encouraging a variety of different viewpoints and specializations for different audiences.

To provide the most value for our clients, we tailor each project team to the needs of the individual effort and the host organization. In this arrangement, we can efficiently pull individuals into a project team based on the specific need, remaining nimble to accomplish the project’s goals. And if the project encounters any difficulties, we can effectively utilize additional subject matter experts to get the effort back on track.

Vertical Integration of Technical Skillsets

By developing our own in-house pool of technical resources, we can continuously grow our capabilities and expand our product offerings for our clients. We have decades of experience with various systems and architectures that are spread between our solution architects and technical specialists. Our team has a wide array of technical skillsets that range from traditional enterprise architecture, security, and operations to the latest cloud SaaS, IaaS, PaaS offerings, and more.

Every technical project concludes with an internal review, which evaluates which areas were well-executed, any difficulties along the way, and collateral knowledge of new technologies or scenarios. These previous experiences have allowed us to expand our repertoire and provide a complete product offering for our partners and clients. We have combined these lessons to develop project plans, templates, runbooks, and scripts – which helps optimize our delivery process and ensure we are consistently performing the highest quality work.

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

This means we can reduce overall project costs – while still delivering the premium-quality work that sets us apart from our competitors. By continually leveraging our experiences to improve our methodologies and service offerings, we ensure that our clients get the most accurate assessments of their environments and consistently deliver advanced technology solutions. As a result, our partners and clients can feel confident that their investment toward improving the organization will pay dividends through our engagement.

Our partners and clients also benefit from our exposure to numerous organizations spread across several sectors. We have engaged with multiple Fortune 500 companies on many different efforts, allowing us to use the combination of industry knowledge and best practices to ensure we remain on the cutting edge of technology deployment architecture and strategies. Our wide range of relationships also allows us to quickly collaborate with our network personnel on issues and difficulties that may affect multiple organizations.

The Future of Technology Consulting

As the technology that we all utilize daily continues to snowball in complexity, cost, and overall impact, it is imperative that organizations keep their skills sharpened and constantly adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Our goal with the Solution Center is to provide that crucial guidance and assistance, enabling organizations to efficiently progress through difficult technological initiatives. By remaining at the forefront of the latest product offerings, we can meet our clients’ expectations and exceed their goals.

Collective Insights continually invests in our team members so that they are equipped to handle whatever scenario they may encounter. A core tenant of our Solution Center team regularly shares collective knowledge to ensure our newer team members integrate seamlessly – and ultimately, are able to provide the high-quality results that our clients expect.