We’re always looking for smart, energetic, client first, and community minded consultants to join our ranks. We call them rock stars. Here are some reasons why they join our team.


Yes, it’s a bold statement, but that’s the kind of culture we have here. You’ll work alongside a group of people that not only share your passion for moving the needle, but are more like friends than coworkers. It’s no secret that being a consultant can be challenging, and having good people along for the ride certainly makes the trip one worth taking


We know this isn’t your first job, and our collective diversity of experience is a huge strength.  As we grow, we need people to tell us when things are working and when they aren’t. We can only be the best if we learn from the best. Here, we make sure your voice is not only heard, but leads the way to our future.


By nature, consultants are hungry for knowledge. We don’t expect you to stand still, or stick to what you know.  We’ll give you the time and resources to grow beyond client work and create your own path, be it furthering your education, expanding expertise, practicing leadership or shaping our community.

After graduating from my Master’s program, I was excited to join Collective Insights instead of a large global consulting firm. Collective Insights is nothing like other consulting firms I’ve seen! They honestly care about their clients and their employees and are constantly encouraging us to learn new skills and get involved in our community. Collective Insights really encourages entrepreneurial spirit. That’s rare in most consulting firms; but, Collective Insights is very supportive in your ideas and helping you succeed


Shivangi Pandit
– Consultant

Collective Insights is a new breed of consulting company that puts their clients, employees, and the surrounding community needs at the forefront. I started my career with Collective Insights as an Intern. Through real-time mentoring and educational opportunities, I was able to grow myself both personally and professionally. I saw exponential growth in my technical, interpersonal, and executive presence skills in a very short time frame. This company cares about my career goals and motivates me to improve every day.


Matt Neville
– Consultant

Collective Insights is a small firm with big firm talent and energy. What attracted me to Collective Insights was leadership’s vision to build a consulting firm that thinks big – for our clients, our people and our community – yet stays true to the ideals that our clients come first; our people make this firm great; and that our future success is rooted in both. Working alongside people who collectively roll up their sleeves and deliver value to our clients is a pleasure to be a part of. We don’t stand on titles or adhere to a hierarchy. Good ideas, whether they belong to an analyst or a partner, quickly find their way to the top here.


Eric Resultan
– Manager

What sets us apart is our our principled approach to doing great work for our clients and our genuine desire to make those around us better. I’m excited to see what an authentic group of people guided by a strong set of values can accomplish. It’s very refreshing to work for a company without external forces pressuring growth just for growth’s sake. The team is dedicated to smart growth and doing right by both clients and employees and it shows.


Cameron Meyer
– Director