information security.

Data loss will grind your business to a halt but guard that same information too tightly and no one can use it. We’ll help you keep your assets guarded — and keep information flowing.

Data this, data that. What does it all mean?

Data/information protection and compliance is all about making sure your data is available, yet secure, as well as properly maintained. With cyber threats coming from all angles, network security is a multifaceted process that encompasses data protection, cybersecurity and privacy. We can help you do all three.

The security experts you want on your team.

We've done this on a global scale

You can trust us to manage complexity. We've helped Fortune 100 companies successfully deploy products like Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) on a global scale factoring in different languages, organizational challenges, business processes and legal implications — and we're ready to do the same for your company.

We make sure things stay usable

It's just a fact: a heightened security posture impacts how end users navigate key systems — and it's a fact we don't ignore. Instead, we conduct pilots, gather end user feedback and measure the impact against a previously established baseline (which also allows us to measure ROI from an operational standpoint). Armed with these insights, you get a balance of usability and security that helps your people get their work done while supporting a more secure environment.

We can have confidence in compliance

Choose a partner well-versed in key industry standards and regulations. Whether it's GDPR, ISO, NIST and PCI SS, we adhere to the standards of your industry and organization throughout any data or information project.

We don't just set it and forget it

A process no one can manage isn’t much of a solution. Any technical solution that we bring to the table needs to work for your specific organization. We take the time to understand the current demands placed on your team, as well as their technical acumen, to form a plan that fully operationalizes the solution. You can count on a product roadmap that ensures longevity and quality paired with formal training and training documentation to get everyone up to speed.

Meet the expert.

Ross Williams


Delivery Manager

As a delivery manager, Ross motivates by example, seeing the big picture and
removing obstacles for his clients before they turn into problems. In fact, in his view, the team at Collective Insights doesn’t just solve a client’s problems; they make them their own. Ross earned a bachelor’s degree in international business with a minor in economics at Georgia College, then worked at a large multinational consulting firm prior to joining the team at CI.

Ross’s biggest motivator? Making life simpler for clients. In his time at CI, he’s been able to help clients identify potential cost savings in the millions of dollars while also getting more out of their current investments. He has relished the opportunity to create valuable, high-quality solutions rather than checked SOW boxes.

When he’s not forging lasting partnerships with clients, Ross is embracing his roles as husband, father and cheerleader to his three kids, avid fisher, camper and hunter.

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