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Keep work flowing and sensitive data protected with zero-trust identity and access management.

What does it mean to manage identity and access?

Identity and access management (IAM) describes the processes and technology related to identity, governance, authentication and authorization that determine who gets to access your resources, along with when and how they can access them. The right IAM framework helps you protect against unauthorized access at your organization while keeping systems open to those who need them. We’re here to make sure you’re taking the right strategic and tactical approach as your IAM partner.

Four big reasons to perfect the art of access control.

Avoid hefty compliance fees

Meet regulatory compliance requirements like HIPAA and GDPR more easily and avoid noncompliance fees with the right IAM solutions.

Keep systems protected

Reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents today—and stay a step ahead of emerging threats and evolving compliance requirements for tomorrow.

Keep users happy

No one wants to fight for access privileges. Lessen the burden on end users, improve productivity and enhance satisfaction by implementing single sign-on (SSO), role-based access control (RBAC), self-service password reset, mobile access and personalization capabilities.

Work smarter, not harder 

Spend less time and effort on access control with streamlined access management processes.

Meet the expert.

Danny Salsbury


Senior Solutions Architect

A true SSO aficionado and CI’s resident identity expert, Danny is responsible for accessing, designing and implementing identity and access management solutions that drive business value for clients. But more than that, he’s dedicated to helping clients and making a real difference for them. Danny completed a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems at Our Lady of the Lake University, then spent 30 years implementing security solutions at Coca-Cola, with the majority of his experience focused on designing, implementing and running SSO, IDM and directory services.

At CI, Danny embraces the opening, welcoming and team-based culture, where no one is an island and there’s always a place to turn for assistance or guidance. He has especially enjoyed contributing to a SSO enablement project, as well as a migration of over 300 applications to Microsoft Azure, for which he developed his own solution using all open-source components, saving millions and accelerating the time-to-value with automation.

Outside of work, you can find Danny beaming with pride for his wife Sara and his two sons, Tyler and Austin. You’ll also find him tinkering with IC, robot design, programming and 3D printing—or getting out with his family to hike, fish and hunt every chance he can.

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