Time for a culture change?

Get a robust qualitative and quantitative assessment of your organization’s culture to drive decision-making related to significant transformation initiatives and potential mergers and acquisitions—or simply improve what you already do well today.

Why try to improve corporate culture?

Culture impacts … a lot. It determines how an organization perceives and organizes itself, interacts with other entities—and performs. By assessing the overall health of your company’s culture, you can better define core values and identify key opportunities for improvement.

Drive business value with organizational culture change.

Get more done

Boost employee engagement and nurture high-performing teams by changing organizational culture. When employees feel more connected to your organization’s values and mission, they have more buy-in, driving engagement and productivity.

One comprehensive assessment

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your culture that combines both qualitative and quantitative elements. Get actionable steps to solve for your organization’s specific goals across areas like:

Due diligence during a merger or acquisition

Prework to undertake a large scale organizational change

Risk around security posture

Attract & retain the right people

Workplace culture makes a huge difference in the employee experience. Define and articulate your desired culture clearly to attract the right people for it, and boost your recruitment and retention efforts with a strong cultural foundation.

Beat the competition

Your current culture can make or break how well team members perform across different parts of your organization. We can help you develop and implement effective change initiatives for your company culture to improve the work environment, encourage new behaviors and edge out the competition.

We’ve got you covered

We’ll help you build a road map to action that enhances, improves or transforms your organization’s culture across a variety of change efforts, including:

Merger & acquisition

Enterprise-wide technology transformation

Organizational security posture


Performance improvement

Meet the expert.

Haywood Hamilton



Haywood Hamilton is a partner at Collective Insights, a transformation and technology consulting firm based out of Atlanta, GA. He’s responsible for delivering solutions to complex problems for his clients, growing the company’s services and client footprint, and developing and mentoring its people.

Over an 18-year career as a management consultant, Haywood has never lost sight of the fact that he’s in the business of providing a service, and that his clients’ experience should be more meaningful than his own. He has displayed a consistent track record of developing and implementing tailored critical initiatives designed to advance organizational success for a wide array of B2C and B2B companies, from small businesses to the most admired Fortune 100.

Haywood has served clients across several industries, including financial services, media and entertainment, construction, pharmaceutical, hospitality, food and beverage, communications, public service, and transportation and logistics. In driving change, his mindset is to always put those impacted by it first. Whether leading large scale transformation programs, analyzing the customer experience or redesigning an organization, Haywood has a knack for figuring out the “people side” of any problem.

Haywood holds dual undergraduate degrees in marketing and journalism and advertising from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from the University of Alabama. In his spare time, he roots for Ole Miss and Atlanta United and plays the guitar (badly).