Make supply chain a competitive advantage —not a liability.

There were 4,200 disruptions in the first nine months alone of the COVID-19 pandemic.* Is your supply chain ready for the next global shakeup? Strengthen supply chain operations, mitigate risk and gain resilience with our expert consulting services.

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management (SCM) is a set of practices and tools that helps organizations and enterprises optimize activities impacting the flow of goods, services and information from one point to another. SCM encompasses a range of transformation activities, like upgrading your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to identifying specific process areas for improvement. We’ve helped clients modernize, optimize and increase security in the following areas:

Supply chain optimization in action.

Customer satisfaction 

It’s a simple equation: meeting cost, quality and timing expectations equals increased supply chain performance and higher customer satisfaction.

On-time delivery 

Delivery dates are non-negotiable when it comes to supply chain performance and customer satisfaction. Improve your visibility through tools like track and trace to assess your supply chain processes and make sure your customers get their orders on or before the promised date.

Supplier performance 

Get a clear picture of how your suppliers are performing with tools and business processes that help you evaluate key metrics like reliability, quality, delivery performance and overall effectiveness.

Risk management 

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Stay on top of all the macroeconomic, geopolitical and environmental factors impacting your supply chain to improve forecasting and drive your decisions with data to increase reliability and weed out supply chain risk.

Meet the expert.

Jonathan L'Hommedieu



From business readiness to processes for standardized solutions, Jonathan leads clients throughout the lifecycle of digital transformation implementations while building differentiated capabilities and providing thought leadership on a variety of topics for CI. Open-minded and willing to help at any hour of the day, Jonathan also works with consultants early in their careers to set them up for future success.

If you ask Jonathan, Collective Insights is a group of the most dedicated, diverse and thoughtful individuals around who all share a growth mindset. He’s particularly proud of a global transformation project for which he led the organizational change management workstream, gaining experience with best practices across manufacturing and logistics.

Prior to joining CI, Jonathan earned a PhD in Contemporary and International Relations from the University of Turku in Finland. He brings over a decade of experience supporting organizations in CPG, telecommunications and the public sector across organizational change management, process re-engineering, strategic project and program leadership, system implementation and workforce development. When he’s not spending time with his family, Jonathan is out traveling the world (he has visited nearly 50 countries), sneaking in a round of golf and volunteering his time to his local community.

Initiatives, analysis & updates.