Put data in the
driver's seat.

Increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction with the right insights—and wave to the competition as you breeze on by.

What does "information and analytics" mean, anyway?

Information and analytics describes the practice of transforming raw data analysis into actionable insights that paint a clearer picture of customers, markets and operations using techniques like data mining, machine learning, data visualization and statistical modeling. We’re here to help you get the information you need out of the data you have to inform critical business decisions.

Your analytics. Powered by our best practices.

See past the naked eye

The best insights aren’t always obvious. Identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, the market and operational performance through expert analysis.

Put the user first

With design thinking as our guide, you can expect clear visualizations that are accessible, relevant to the target audience and actionable thanks to our user-centered approach. Through multidisciplinary experimentation and iteration, we find the most effective visualizations in collaboration with data analysts, designers and subject matter experts.

Stay Agile

We help you get to the insights faster while increasing collaboration and transparency, improving flexibility and quality, and reducing risk by incorporating the principles and practices of Agile software development.

Work smarter & faster

Where can your company be more efficient? Let the metrics tell you—saving money and boosting productivity along the way.

Meet the expert.

Cameron Meyer



As a director at CI, Cameron is responsible for working with the leadership team to execute the company’s vision. With an uncanny ability to understand and connect with people, Cameron also builds relationships with clients that transform projects and engagements. Drawing from both functional and technical expertise, he empowers clients to make intelligent decisions while supporting a positive working environment. Cameron appreciates the impact he can make at CI in comparison to larger firms, as well as the team-first ethos that defines the CI culture.

Cameron graduated from Georgia Southern University, where he received a BBA in computer information systems and a BBA in logistics and intermodal transportation. He started out his career working in the transportation and retail industries. Once bitten by the consulting bug, he worked for small and large consulting firms and owned his own business before joining CI. One of his favorite projects so far has involved helping a Fortune 100 company implement Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Cloud App Security. His team developed a business strategy, implemented the right technical solution, tested it across multiple devices and trained users globally. He even got his feet wet in show biz for the gig: the team brought in professional actors and kept the set quiet while filming training videos.

Outside of work, you can find Cameron dominating on the tennis court for, well, just about any local league—ALTA, T2, Ultimate and USTA included. Or, he’ll be cheering on (and coaching) his kids as they play soccer and tennis.

Finally, what do Cameron’s colleagues have to say about him? “Let’s face it. Cameron isn’t just someone you work for. He’s a leader that you want to follow."