IT modernization is a successful migration away.

Smooth the transition away from technical debt and toward cutting-edge technologies and platforms with a strategic approach to enterprise migrations while driving adoption and awareness within your organization.

What happens during an enterprise technology migration?

In a technology migration, an organization moves from a legacy system to a new or upgraded one. Migrations come in all shapes, scales and sizes and create complexity for both IT and the rest of the business. And migrations don’t just involve software; you’re also upgrading or replacing the hardware that houses that software. Even with a strong team and a solid plan in place, many migration efforts do not succeed. That’s why you need a partner who understands both your business and your industry—with a proven track record of successful migrations.

There's no digital transformation without migration.

Migrations get complex. Let us streamline.

When it comes to large-scale migrations, the more complexity, the more planning and monitoring required. From risk, budget and resource management to detailed project planning and communications and stakeholder management, keep all the moving parts in order as you upgrade or replace your IT infrastructure with a hand-picked team of experts.

Make the most of new technologies

New efficiencies powered by best practices are within reach. Enhance the employee and customer experience, explore new business models, strengthen cybersecurity and optimize operational efficiencies with new IT infrastructure and information systems. We’ll help you plan, design, build, test and deploy so you can access the benefits of new technologies faster, unleashing your teams’ capabilities and empowering your business.

Get rid of the cost center

Outdated IT systems and legacy applications create technical debt that poses both financial and security risk to your business. Mitigate both with cloud-based technologies and platforms that introduce new efficiencies through automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Plus, through a comprehensive assessment, we can help make sure you’re leaving functional redundancies in the rearview while increasing your security posture.

Understand the business impact of your modernization effort

Complex capability improvements are only as effective as the users navigating them. Position yourself to thrive from day one with a robust organizational change management approach designed to drive adoption and a faster ROI.

Meet the expert.

Ken Miller



Ken wears several hats at CI, from delivering project work to building relationships with new clients and helping develop new talent. He’s especially appreciative of the collaborative spirit at CI, where everyone works to deliver the best service possible rather than highlight individual achievements. The team-first mindset came in handy recently when Ken and his team led a workshop for 150 attendees to support a global S/4 HANA implementation. The event lasted four days and combined all the work happening across three initiatives and over 40 scrum teams. Throughout the project, Ken relied on his past experience and those of his team members to accelerate onboarding, gain a clear understanding of client challenges and offer solutions quickly to the client.

Prior to joining CI, Ken spent four years in commercial banking and then joined North Highland. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Georgia and an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology. When he’s not working with his team to deliver ERP implementations by leveraging tools, accelerators and decades of combined experience, you can find Ken spending time with his two kids, playing golf or cheering on the Georgia bulldogs (along with all Atlanta sports teams).